Tribes of Odisha and their unique way of lifestyle

Tribes Tour Of Odisha

Indian state Odisha is very famous as a tribal tour destination in all over the globe. Here at this state more than 62 schedule tribal communities are leaving. Most of this Tribes of Odisha is still using their ancient way of lifestyle that is very unique and close to nature. Well let’s have a look into the lifestyle of tribal peoples of Odisha & India.

Bonda, Santala, Soura etc are some of the important tribal communities of Odisha those are living inside the dense forests of Odisha mostly in Mauarbhanja, Koraput, Kalahandi, Sambalpur etc districts. The tries of Odisha are very unique in terms of lifestyle because their food habit, hunting style, culture, dance and music, religion, customs & traditions are from ancient times. It’s very interesting to spend time with these Tribes of Odisha. So that every year thousands of tourists come to explore unique way of lifestyle of Tribes of Odisha.

Tribes of India and Their Ancient History

Well humans are staying in Indian sub continent from thousands of years ago, and from those times in different regions different types of communities were formed. Still some of the communities are hiding inside the forests and not influenced by modernization. So their lifestyle is still like ancient days. These communities are popularly known as tribal communities. And tribes of India are very famous because here various types of tribes are present those lifestyle in different from each other.

Odisha, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu etc states has a huge popular of tribal communities and these peoples plays an important roles in development of tourism in corresponding states. Well mostly foreign tourist has very much interest in knowing the lifestyle of these Tribes of Odisha, India so they come for tribal tours that helps in development of tourism.

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