Gujarat Wildlife Tour: The Last Asiatic Lions

Gujarat provides out of the place shelter for various kinds of wildlife species. This Gujarat Wildlife Tour Packages is the best choice for people loving to see wildlife. You will find numerous national parks and sanctuaries. In this wildlife tour you can see the diversity of animal species. Nature offers you some of the best views of the mesmerizing hills, the deep green forestry and the swirling rivers in the entire wildlife tours of Gujarat.

Gujarat offers one of the most fascinating places in India presenting the huge contrasts of nature in India. It is home to some of the most endangered species of animals and birds. In other words, it is an animal and bird lovers’ paradise. In the wildlife safaris, see the lion and other rare species of animals. During Gujarat tour, you will also get to see the villages and their peoples’ lifestyles with vibrancy in their colors and lifestyle. The Forest Department of Gujarat is ever trying to present the Gujarat wildlife tourism of the state in the most appealing manner.

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The jungles of Gujarat are home to a sizeable species namely Sloth Bear, Asiatic Lions, Greater Flamingo, Blackbuck, Indian Wild Ass, Indian Bustard etc.. But if we talk about famous icon then it is Lion of Gir reserve. And if you are bird lover then you will see local birds as well as you will see birds from all over the world.

Day 01: Arrival at Mumbai

On your arrival at Mumbai, you will be received by us and taken to a hotel in Mumbai.

Day 02: Travel to Bhavnagar by flight

We will move to Bhavnagar by flight in the early hours. After reaching Bhavnagar, you will be checked into a hotel. From there, you will be taken to visiting the Velavadar.

Day 03: Bhavnagar to Velavadar National Park and back

After breakfast, we will go to Victoria Park to see birds and also Gaurishankar Lake. In the second half, we would go to the National Park at Velavadar once again for watching birds.

Day 04: To Sasan Gir

We will move to Sasan Gir in the early hours. After sunset, you will be taken for a jeep safari at Sasan Gir for seeing wild animals.

Day 05: At Sasan Gir

After the sunrise again, you will be again taken for a safari at the National Park of Gir. In the late hours of the day, you will be guided for bird viewing near the riverside area.

Day 06: To Sayla

After breakfast, we will travel to Devaliya for seeing different species of birds. Then we would move to Sayla village. Get to see the excellent weaving and beading works. Also, watch birds at Sayla.

Day 07: To Dasada

We will move to the bird sanctuary at Nalsarovar after the breakfast. It is among the biggest fresh-water lakes of the state. Take a boat safari here. During evening hours spend time through bird watching at Nawa Talao in Dasada.

Day 08: At Dasada

Take the joy of safaris at the Rann of Kutch.

Day 09: To Himmatnagar

Enjoy bird watching at Bajana Creek near to the Rann. After lunch, you will be taken to visit the place of the Rabaris, a tribal group. Then move to Himmatnagar for taking the train to Udaipur.

Health factors: The tour would not be too taxing on the health. The birding activities will be covered by general walks, and there will not be any long treks. Some of the viewings will also be done from the vehicles. General good health and walking abilities will be sufficient for carrying out this tour. Not much trouble to be faced from mosquito bites.

Travel: Traveling on the road will be done in comfortable vehicles. Small buses or jeeps may also be used for the safaris. A few long drives would be there on the tour. The road conditions are pretty fine.

Climate: General temperatures will be on the warmer side. The nights will be colder. The Kutch area experiences extremes of temperature during the day and the night times. Rainfall will be available only during the monsoon period (June to September) beyond which rainfall is unexpected.

Food and Accommodation: Provision of accommodation will be made in good quality hotels and lodges. The food served will generally comprise of the delicious local dishes cooked with care. Availability of non-vegetarian food will be difficult.

Bird Photography: There will be excellent opportunities for photography of rare species of birds.

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