Odisha Tribal Tour

Odisha Tribal Tour Booking / Odisha tribal tour packages you can explore and learn more about various communities of tribal population and explore a part of the World that’s still untouched. Visiting Odisha is all together different experience for tourists. Visitors gain more knowledge about Odisha’s different culture.

Odisha Tribal Tour

would be different and unique experience for the visitors. As they will witness many things which are very hard to find anywhere except Odisha. Everyone has listen the word Tribe but very few have thought of meeting them and of them very few plan Odisha Tribal Tours.

Odisha Tribal Tour Booking

It is the confirmation that you are getting all the accommodations, meals as per plan, car rentals and all other services as per your plan will be available on the dates of your Odisha Tribal Tour

India is known as country gifted with the rich cultural heritage of multiple ethnic tribes. If meeting people of different culture & learning about their indigenous culture is one of your preferred interest. Then Odisha tribal tour will allow you to explore the small tribal villages in Odisha, talking to the locals, closely witnessing their aged old traditions and shopping in the weekly markets.

This tribes state of India is home to Birhor, BondoParaja, Didayi, DongriaKhond, Juang, Kharia, Kutia Khond, Lanjia Soura, Lodha, Mankidia, Paudi Bhuyan and Soura. Out of the tribal population existing in India

These Tribes constitute near about 22.01% of the total population of the State are also known as the ‘adivasis’.

    Odisha Tribal Tour
    Odisha Tribal Tour

    Odisha Tribal Tour

    Visit & explore Southern Odisha which is beautiful piece of land. Our tour agency offer tribe tour packages which are designed as per our Odisha experience as tour guide and keeping our customers in mind. In India NRI’s or Foreigners have fond of to explore this southern region or parts of Odisha India.
    In this package you will get to interact with Tribes who are friendly and warm people. Meet them and explore and learn there culture and practices. Tribes living in Orrisa are simple and down to earth people. Odisha/Orissa is hometown of as many as 62 number of Tribes who are rich in culture and tradition. These Tribes constitutes 29% of the total population.

    Orissa Tribal Tours Packages

    Our Travel & Tour Company is Govt. approved and Tour Operator. We plan your Odisha Tribal Trip in a such a way in which you can directly interact with the tribes.
    Our Travel Agency for Odisha Tour will help you explore the little tribal villages and interact with the local tribes. In this tours to Odisha, you can visit the weekly markets, explore the fun fairs, enjoy trekking, hike and indulge in many other advantages.

    Tribal Tours are Treasures of Odisha 🌾👣

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    Unveiling Heritage Gems 🏰✨
    Travel back in time as you explore the heritage wonders of Odisha! From intricately carved temples to awe-inspiring monuments, each site narrates tales of history and architectural brilliance. Join us in unraveling the past! 🕌🕰️ #OdishaHeritageJourney #TimelessElegance

    How many Days are sufficient for Odisha Tribal Tours?

    Visitor needs 22 to 25 days in Odisha to complete this tribal tour in India.

    Which Tribal lands are in Odisha Tribal Tour?

    Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar,  Jharsuguda,  Bhadrak, Sambalpur, Deogarh, Sonepur, Dhenkanal, Jharsuguda,  Anugul, Sundergarh, Kandhamal district. The Saura Tribes which is having population over 300,000 are found in the undivided Puri  and Ganjam district..

    Remember to use captivating visuals, such as vibrant tribal artwork, serene wildlife snapshots, and intricate temple carvings, to complement your content. And don’t forget to engage your audience by asking questions, sharing interesting facts, and encouraging them to share their own experiences using relevant hashtags. Happy posting! 📷✈️

    Odisha Tribal Tours

    Santals The Odisha Tribes

    It is the next abundant population. They live in Mayurbhanj district.
    Santals tribes have a distinct lifestyle much different from other tribes which is worth witness.


    Sura The Odisha Tribes

    The Saura is third populated tribe population followed by Bonda. Near about 30000 Saura tribes inhabit the districts of Ganjam.  The Bondas is one of the least populated tribes. They comprise of only 5000 people and are majorly found in the inaccessible Malkangiri district.

    India have number of states where tribes live. Odisha is one of them. By doing orissa tribal tour you will defenately change the mindset about the modern day gadgets. Moreover all the tribes have maintained their rich culture and traditions because they have a common beliefs, practices, rituals, sociology, economic activities and their celebrations. Definately in this tour you will experience the medieval ages in the modern era so you have a walk back into the world of vegetative & cultural Odisha. The tours the ethnic culture of Odisha (Orissa) makes you visit all the places that are rich in culture, heritage and ethnicity. It also includes a trip to the dense woods which is the resident of many tribes living in Odisha (Orissa). They consist of ethical gestures, art, handi-crafts, mythologies and the ancient music which is amazing and full of life.

    Odisha Tribes Tour Packages

    Planing Tribes tour to the tribal or tribes villages of Odisha. Firstly you should keep Tribes in mind for Odisha tribal tour packages of Alternative Tours India. Normally The tribes present in Odisha is comprise of 9.7% of the total tribal population of the country. Kondh locally known as Kandha forms the largest population in state out of all tribes. They live in the Kandhamal district and in adjoining districts of Rayagada, Koraput, Boudh and Balangir.
    To sum up Book Orissa Tribal Tour Packages from Alternativetourstoursindia.com who is Govt approved Travel Agent and Tour Operator in Odisha India.
    When you book Odisha tour packages from us, we will make sure you witness these exotic tribal population of Odisha and explore the untraveled mystery of everything they own. Their way of living. In other words you will learn about their work type, markets, source of income, arts, artifacts and handicrafts.

    Tribes Of Odisha

    Tribes are the soul of this beautiful state Odisha and they are 62 in number. For many of the visitors Tribes are one of the primary reason for tour to Odisha.

    Tribal Festivals of Odisha

    Another reason to plan Odisha Tribal Tour. Chaitra Parva, Sume, Gelirak , Maghe Parab  are few of the major tribal festivals of the Odisha.

    Tribal Art of Odisha

    Odisha Tribal Tour

    will feature a visit to experience tribal art of Odisha. It’s an important & unique because Tribes has not changed because of modernization. Tribal people in Odisha are still continuing there art & culture in the similar way which their ancient people of their tribes do in their times. In Orissa Tribal/Tribes Tour you witness this unique art & culture. So if you want to experience the real tribal emotions their Odisha is the right choice.

    Lifestyle of Odisha

    Tribal Tour to Odisha will also showcase lifestyle of Tribal People in Odisha has a real charm-full life. They enjoy their life with piece and most importantly with family, friends and community members. Unlike people in Metro Cities.

    Our Tour Starts from Bhubaneshwar

    Odisha Tribal Tour Day 1  Bhubaneshwar : Meet and assistance – transfer to Hotel
    Pm explore old town of Bhubaneswar – full of interesting temples and nice colorful lanes
    overnight at Hotel. After all this day trip you will be staying at a hotel in Bhubaneswar in the night.

    Odisha Tribal Tour Day 2 : Bhubaneswar – Dhenkanal (160kms,4hrs)Drive to Dhenkanal – visit Sadeibareni – interaction with community doing Dhokra craft ( lost wax technique of making brass artefacts )
    visit Nuapatna textile village – interaction with weavers to understand the art of making Ikat textiles ( tie & dye ) Pm visit Joranda monastery – interaction with Sadhus of the Mahima community – who normally wear clothes made from bark of tree and pray towards emptiness – Overnight at heritage palace

    Odisha Tribal Tour Day 3  : Dhenkanal – Bhitarkanika National Park (180kms,5hrs)

    Drive to Bhitarkanika National Park – Pm visit villages near the Park – most of these villages
    are traditional Hindu villages overnight at guest house / local resort

    Odisha Tribal Tour Day 4 : Bhitarkanika National Park
    Full day boat ride inside the park full of mangrove – see reptiles like the estuarine crocodiles – monitor lizards – deer a variety of birds etc – nature walk inside the park – visit crocodile hatchery – Crocodile Museum etc. overnight at guest house / local resort

    Day 5 of the Odisha Tribal Tour: Bhitarkanika National Park – Puri (220kms,6hrs)
    5th day of the tribal Odisha tribal tour, Drive to the holy city of puri – En route visit excavated Buddhist ruins of Lalitgiri – Ratnagiri Overnight at hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 6  : Puri (100kms,2hrs)
    6th day of your tribal tour in Odisha begin Excursion to visit the famous Sun temple at konark – visit fisherman villages living near the beach – good opportunity for Photography Pm visit Raghurajpur heritage villages famous for folk painting / art and craft – Visit Grand road of Puri – visit cremation ground of the Hindus overnight at hotel.

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 7 : Puri – Baliguda (300kms,7hrs):
    7th day of the tour our tour to the tribal areas begin today – after an early breakfast check out from hotel – drive
    to Baliguda Pm visit villages of the tattoo faced Kondha community Overnight at basic hotel.

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 8  : Baliguda
    Start in the morning of the 8th day, Full day visit villages of the tattoo faced kondha community – meet and interaction with the people – soft trek in the villages if you want – meet and interaction – opportunity for photography Overnight at basic hotel.

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 9 : Baliguda – Rayagada(160kms,4hrs):
    9th day of Odisha Tribal Tour Drive to Rayagada – visit villages of the Desia Kondhas – The tribes mostly practice cultivation of millets and tobacco leaves visit villages – meet and interaction – opportunity for photography.

    Overnight at basic hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 10 : Rayagada (180kms,4.5hrs):
    10th day is the Odisha tribal tours Excursion to Puttasingh Hills to meet the last remaining Lanjia Saora tribes  – the women have nice pieces of earrings and can be some of them can be found smoking the tabaco local cigar
    Overnight at basic hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 11 : Rayagada – Chatikona Weekly Market – Petta (250kms,6hrs)
    11th day Odisha tribal tours  Depart from Hotel – drive to Chatikona weekly market which commences on Wednesday
    Here you can meet the Dongoriya Kondhs who come down from Niyamgiri hills to see fruits and vegetables – meet and interaction opportunity for Photography – Later drive to Petta ( Jeypore ) – En route Mali villages (agriculturists ) & Kuvi Kondh villages Overnight at tribal homestay / eco resort run by tribes

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 12 : Petta – Onkudelli Weekly Market – Petta (100kms,3hrs):
    12th day is the Odisha tribal tours Excursion to visit Onkudellli weekly market of the Bondas and Gadabas – The bondas are
    very interesting group of tribes from Odisha in the past the women used to shave of their heads and were mostly adorned with beads – meet and interaction – the weekly markets are crowded and very colorful – excellent place to capture images in candid- Pm drive back to Petta – soft trek to villages of the Rana , Parojas and ollar gadabbas and kumbhars ( pottery makers )
    Overnight at tribal homestay / eco resort run by tribes

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 13 : Petta – Kunduli Weekly Market – Petta  (150kms,3.5hrs):
    13th day is your Odisha tribal tours Excursion to Kunduli weekly market of the Paroja tribes – the parojas are one of the largest indigenous group of Southern Odisha The women distinguish themselves by wearing distinctive nose rings – Later in the noon time visit villages of the Dhuruva Gond A traditional dance can be organised – depending on availability of the dancers boys and girls mostly – we recommend this to you as it involves the community together and our donation goes directly to the members – this is optional – we can do this as it is a good opportunity to see the tribes in the traditional attire and also is our social responsible approach for community involvement towards tourism .

    Overnight at tribal homestay / eco resort run by tribes

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 14 : Petta – Jagdalpur (200kms,5hrs)
    14th day is the Odisha tribal tours Drive to jagdalpur – En route Kotpad weaving village – Pm visit Mardum Weekly Market of the Abhuj Maria tribes – visit Chitrakut falls

    Overnight at hotel.

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 15 : Jagdalpur
    15th day is the Odisha tribal tours Morning visit villages of the Bison horn maria gonds – demonstration of traditional bison
    horn dance – good community involvement and good opportunity to take photographs – Pm visit Pamela Weekly market which is set inside a nice jungle surrounding.

    Overnight at hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 16 : Jagdalpur – Kanker (170kms,4hrs)
    16th day is the Odisha tribal tours Drive to Kanker – en route Kondagaon famous for ferro metal craft – later visit villages of the Jungle Muria tribes Demonstration of traditional Jungle Muria dance – good community involvement and good opportunity to take photographs

    Overnight at Hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 17 : Kanker – Shivrinarayan (250kms,6hrs):
    17th day is the your Odisha tribal tours Drive to shivrinarayan – region of last remaining Ramnami Community
    Overnight at hotel.

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 18 : Jeypore – Kunduli – Vishakhapatnam:
    18th day is the Odisha tribal tours After breakfast check out from hotel and visit villages of the Ramnami community members – Some of the members have full bodied tattoos of Ram inscribed all over the body – meet and interaction – plenty of photography opportunities Pm depart for Raipur
    Overnight at Hotel

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 19 : Jeypore – Kunduli – Vishakhapatnam:
    19th day is the Odisha tribal tours after an early breakfast – drive to Kanha national Park one of the most beautiful forests in the heart of central india – Pm visit villages near Kanha National Park Overnight at eco lodge

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 20 : Kanha National Park
    20th day your Odisha tribal tours Morning jeep safari + noon jeep safari to see wildlife if you are lucky you can see the royal Bengal tiger
    Overnight at Eco lodge

    Orrisa Tribal Tour Day 21 : Kanha National Park – Raipur (180kms,4hrs)
    21th day is the Odisha tribal tours Morning jeep safari – return back to hotel for lunch depart for Raipur
    Overnight at hotel

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