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Are you planning to visit a beautiful state of India in the manner of tribes, beaches or wildlife. Then Gujarat can be fulfill your dream. Gujarat is held at high regards as one of the most beautiful states in India. A quick jaunt to this place can truly open up a vista of never ending beauties that regale your heart. And if you are planning alone or family trip to this state in Western India then November to February is the best time to visit Gujarat. The weather is pleasant and the warm sun makes the perfect companion when you are outdoors heading from one sightseeing spot to another in the nippy air.

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Avid tourism enthusiasts are surely going to feel some sort of a kinship with this astounding state Gujarat, while traversing through its enigmatic vistas. Gujarat, as a state is situated on the western coasts of the Arabian Sea. Etymologically, Gujarat stands for Gujjar Rashtra. The inception of the name of this state shares its connection with Gujjars (one particular tribe that settles in this land in order to evade the wrath of the invading huns). Gujarat has witnessed the rise of eminent dynasties such as Guptas, Mauryas, Pratiharas etc. Vibrant Gujarat have desert and a coastline of 1600 km.

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Gujarat is famous for its historic capitals, temple towns and beautiful beachesTour Packages itinerary is a perfect give your the perfect tour plan for savouring the best of Gujarat’s tourist destinations. In best tourism places tou should not ignore Gujarat tourist destination.

Gujarat came into existence as a state of India in the post independence era in the year 1960. Gujarat has an interesting geographic borderline. It has Madhya Pradesh to the east, Pakistan to the north west, Rajasthan in the northern belts and Maharashtra in the southeastern belts. Since inception Gujarat has witnessed immense prosperity in all walks of life. Today the state enjoys an enviable position with its wealth of petro chemical industries, oil refineries, cotton industries, textiles as well as quickly flourishing small scale business circles.

How to reach Gujarat

As a tourism destination Gujarat happens to be quite strategically situated and it is really easy to hit this place by air or by train or by bus. Let’s check out the modes of transportation to this paradise on earth.

  • By Rail: Tourists who intend to visit the inner circles of Gujarat in a comfortable fashion will surely find a thing with the railways. There are ample number of trains available from Mumbai and Delhi which are directly connected with the notable cities of Gujarat such as Surat, Vadodara, Baroda, Rajkot, Ahemdabad etc. These railroads also connect with the innermost villages and amazing country sides of Gujarat.
  • By Road: One can also traverse through the paradise like vistas of Gujarat by utilizing the roads which happen to make every part of Gujarat so easily accessible. There are private operators as well as state transport systems in Gujarat which promise to make the journey by road a walk in the breeze. While getting inside the state of Gujarat most of the tourist communities prefer to use the Mumbai- Ahmedabad express which happens to be a busy as well as an easy route to Gujarat.
  • By Air: Tourists coming from international destinations as well as from other distant parts of India may also avail the airways. Apart from Ahmadabad airport there is also the provision of 10 other airports which happen to be fully operational in all seasons.

Best time to visit Gujarat

The most exciting thing about Gujarat is that you can feel free to set foot in this amazing land at any point of time in a year. Climatic conditions will not hinder your ways at all. However, it is believed that you will enjoy your stay in Gujarat the best possible way provided you en-route the state especially in the winter. Apart from the sightseeing you will also be lucky enough to feast your eyes on a wide spectrum of colorful activities which take place in Gujarat in the winter. The weather is usually wonderful and tourists will evidently get the best value for money visiting this place in winter.

Places of interest

As it comes the places of interest which a globe trotter or a travel enthusiast would like to visit in Gujarat, there is a spate of options awaiting the inquisitive hearts. Tourists will evidently enjoy some sort of a romantic bliss while traversing through eminent places such as Dwarka, Ranis of chota kashi, sasan Giri, Vadodara, Akshardham temple, Somnath Mahadev temple, the famous white desert of Bhuj, the famed Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad, Laxmi vilas palace, Manek Chawk, Pavagadh etc.

Festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat is a land of colorful festivities. A visit to Gujarat is surely going to remain incomplete unless one does not get the taste of its colorful festivals. Some of the most notable festivals of this place are Modhera dance carnivals, the fair of Bhadra Purnima, Diwali, and kite festival (international), Navratri etc.

Wildlife parks in Gujarat

Tourists will definitely love to cast a close glance at some wildlife parks which are there in Gujarat. Some of these parks are Sayaji Baug which happens to be located at Vadodara. It is surely a nice place to hang around with friends and family. There is also Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated in Junagadh. It is indeed a lovable wildlife park. Morning safari is the most widely accepted form of tour to enjoy the beauty of this park. Natural beauty will unleash itself generously in almost every nook of Gujarat. A travel enthusiast will find over here the enriched admixture of vibrant history, the cradle of glorious Indian culture, the fulcrum of divergent commercial activities, unspoiled wealth of wildlife and enriched heritage. In short, Gujarat has everything to cater to the taste of diversified tourist communities.

Tribes of Gujarat

The people of the Desert , it is an incredible experience to explore the desert areas of Kutch especially Banni which is the house to some of the most interesting pastoral tribal groups like Rabaris , Mirs , Jats and Meghwals. The villages are vivid ,colourful and full of life . These areas of Gujarat are very famous for the textiles and embroidery work . If you are looking for stunning portraits , Gujarat is the right place for you.

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