Textile Tour of Odisha: For those who believe in the fabric woven, not the design inscribed!

Journey through the fabric of time! Witness the hands that beat machinery speed! See the beauty woven by the hands that speak ahead of fashion! Drape the raw silk and cotton woven in the most primitive way!

Embark your journey of fabrics at the textile villages of Odisha. A journey that you will reminiscence each and every time you drape something pretty and exotic. Odisha is a land of abundant natural resources, a land of passion, a land of culture, a land of delicacies and the Land of Lord Jagannath and the Odissi dance! Greatly enriched with bountiful natural gifts, this place is a must-to-visit-place!

What makes Odisha textile tours different from its other counterparts, is the type of raw material and the artistry involved in it. One of the most typical features of Odisha textile is the Ikat weaving art. In this threads are tied (especially tie-dyed) and woven to produce patterns on the weaving loom. This process is called the Bandha. In addition to this, there are many other types of weaving arts in the State. Want to know more about it? Follow the lines till the end and explore the diverse textile culture of the State.

Highlights of the Odisha Textile Tour

1. Visit to Olasingh, textile village; famous for the tiger mask dance

2. Visit to Sonepur, the land of tassar silk weaving art

3. Visit to Bargarh, the place of world renowned Sambalpuri saree

4. Visit to Nuapatna, famous for ikat weaving pattern

07 nights - 08 days

Odisha Textile Tour

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07 Nights - 08 Days

Exclusive Odisha Textile Tour

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Odisha Textile and Tribal Tour

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