Konark Day Tour how to Enjoy Till Maximum

Konark Day Tour

On a Konark Day Tour you can enjoy as a tourist up to maximum extent with help of Odisha Tourism and Tour and Travel Service Providers of Odisha. Well Konark is a well known tourist destination and temple of lord Sun, it was a 12th century temple created by great Odia king Langula Narashigh Dev one of the successful kings of Odisha, he was built this temple for her mother who was a great devotee of lord Sun.

Konark Sun Temple is listed under the seven wonders of India so to explore this temple and to see the great art and architecture of this temple. On a day to Konark temple most of the tourist prefer to visit the temple on morning time and then explore the temple explore the stone art on the walls of the temple and other things of the temple. Then tourist love to take rest and after that they visit Konark beach which is nearer to temple, tourist love to watch temple from various angels and locations and take photos and enjoy the ambience of the great Konark temple.

Apart from all the great architecture of this temple was build by 1200 skilled workers and they work for 12 years to complete this temple, so you can understand how much effort and energy those workers put to create this master piece. But the tragedy at Muslim rulers’ era this temple was demolished and today only its 10% is present but its 10% is so amazing that tourist from all over the world come to explore this temples beauty. Konark Day Tour.

If you also want to go for a day tour the Konark temple then without wasting time book your tour package the Konark today and enjoy special discounts offered by Odisha Tourism. Konark Day Tour.

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