Tribal Tours in Odisha after pandemic

tribal tours in odisha

Odisha is also known as the soul of incredible India . Odisha is not only known for its pristine clean beaches , its ancient temples but also known for its rich tribal culture and heritage. In total there are 62 tribes in Odisha and each tribes have their own rich culture and ethnicity. Some of our popular tours run two week long and help us take the tourists to beautiful locations and colourful weekly markets where we can meet and interact with them. We will discuss here how the tribal tours in Odisha will run after pandemic.

In these kind of tours we shall visit weekly markets which fall on Wednesday , Thursday and Friday. Post the pandemic the tours will be well taken care of and curated. We will ensure that all the staff are vaccinated with double dose and when the tourists will be visiting the areas , social distance will be maintained. The cars will be cleaned and sanitised daily.

The guide is very important for this kind of tour , and we always suggest to hire a local guide so that you have a hassle free trip. Sometimes communication can be a challenge that is when the services of an experienced guide will help. It is also important to ensure that all the staff are in good health during this tour . The hotels that are going to be booked have to be properly sanitised and clean .

All of these seem to be a big challenge for the tour operator to organise a trip like this , but we will try to ensure that the tour will be smooth and successful for the tourists.Before booking the trip with us it is important to go through the covid guidelines of the state .

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