List of Popular Tribal Festival in Odisha And How To Get Joined Them!


Well as all of us know that tribal people and their communities celebrate lots of festivals and during these festivals they perform many types of interesting rituals. So for curious peoples like us it is a very important time and we can enjoy a lot if we participate in tribal festivals in Odisha. Let’s discuss about some important tribal festivals those are very close to Odisha’s tribal peoples heart.

5 Popular Tribal Festivals in Odisha

Chaitra Parva –

In Koraput district, Mayurbhanj district and Keonjhar district of Odisha lots of tribal people are living among them Bhuiyans are an ancient Hinduised tribal community and for them Chaitra Parva is a very important festival. During the month of Chaitra this festival occurs and during the period of festival tribal peoples are in very happy and joyful mood they hunt in jungle during day time and during night scarifies the animals in front of their god distribute meat among all peoples of their community and celebrate by singing and dancing.

Sume-Gelirak –

One of the major and very important tribal communities of Odisha is Bondas they live in Koraput and nearby districts they celebrate some of very interesting festivals and among them Sume-Gelirak is very important for young men and women because in this festival they get ample freedom in respects. Also during the dance they choose their life partner, so it’s very important for them.

Maghe Parab –

For Ho, Oraon, Kisan and Kol tribal communities Maghe Parab is a very important tribal festival, these people celebrate this as a harvest festival and it observed in honor of mother goddess of village. For tribal community people festivals are the major source of entertainment so they celebrate these with heart full of joy and happiness.

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