Tribal in Odisha: A True Community of Life


Tribal in Odisha – Well if we have a look inside the Tribal Communities of Odisha, then we can get to know about the real charm of living along with nature. The lifestyle of these tribal people is untouched they still living a simple life that is supper attractive of its own. We people are running fast in our life for money, job and success and in solving the problems of our life, now we Human (social animals) are going away from societies. Our eating habits, food, family, culture everything changing every day, we are in a way to become machines day by day, but the tribal people still enjoying their life inside forest by hunting and searching food in trees inside jungle.

Tribal People in Odisha and Their Lifestyle

Well there are many Tribal Communities are living in Odisha, almost 62 schedule tribal communities are discovered yet and many more still undiscovered. The lifestyle of tribal people is very impressive and down to earth, they depend on jungle (Nature) for fulfilling their needs (Food, Cloths, Shelter) and they respect nature for that. These people are not very worried about the feature they live in present, daily they hunt in forest, collect vegetables and fruits in jungle and live with family and community. Their community is like a big family and each family is an important part of the community. Inside a tribal community people are worried about each other; they help each other at time of need. They sing, dance and celebrate life like festival with their community.

Mostly in Koraput, Sambalpur etc districts of Odisha have huge volume of tribal communities. And people from all over the world come to explore the life of these people. So if you want to know more about the tribal peoples of Odisha then book your Tribal Tour today.

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