Top 3 Popular Village Tours in Odisha for Tourists

Village Tours in Odisha

Villages Tours in Odisha are very popular and thousands of tourist every year during holidays come to visit Odisha’s villages and stay here for some couples of days and learn about Odia peoples lifestyle along with have fun and adventure. Odisha Tourism offers special packages in Odisha Village Tour Packages. Let’s explore some interesting village tours in Odisha.

3 Popular Village Tours in Odisha

Art and Crafts Village Tour in Odisha

During art and crafts villages tour in Odisha tourists visit different villages of Odisha where many types of art and handicrafts are produced by people in ancient techniques those they learn from their ancestors. Popular arts and crafts like Patachitra painting from Puri, Chandua art from Bhubaneswar, Dhokora art from Dhenkanal. Tarakasi work from Cuttack, Saree weaving from Sambalpur and other districts are very popular and tourist can go and see how people making these art and products.

Tribal Village Tour in Odisha

Here in Odisha 62 schedule tribal communities are present those are very popular for their unique living style. Tourist can visit these tribal villages and learn how these people surviving inside jungle. How they collect food and other necessary things, their art, culture, dance and music, festivals and believe.

Odisha Village Tours

Odisha’s villages you can say ideal villages, here at Odisha a village is present named “Bhuban” known as the biggest village in Asia. Here many other wonders are hidden inside villages, especially piece and calm life. People that visit Odisha’s villages they enjoy simplicity of this land and get a very relaxed time.

If you are a tourist and wanted to get some relaxed, quality time then a village tour in Odisha is a right choice for you. Book today and enjoy.

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