Temple Tour Packages in Odisha


The sacred land of Odisha is world famous for its beautiful temples and the architecture. Odisha is famous in the globe for its ancient days, culture, art, craft, traditions, festivals etc. Most of the people visit the Odisha temples. So many travel agencies are providing different tour packages to Odisha. Odisha temple tour package is one of the packages. Basically, the temple tour package consists of 6-7 days. These tour packages cover the city like Bhubaneswar, Konark, Puri, Brahmagiri, Taptapani etc.

Types of tour packages

The tour starts from Bhubaneswar and ends at Taptapani. After reaching at Bhubaneswar visitors can visit the temples in Bhubaneswar. There are around 700 temples in Bhubaneswar. Most of the architecture of temples of Bhubaneswar are Nagara style. Visit the splendid Lingraj temple. This is one of the famous Shaiba peetha in Odisha. Mukteswara temple, Rajarani temple, Yogii temple are some of the famous temples situated at Bhubaneswar. Don’t forget to visit these temples.

After Bhubaneswar the tour starts to Puri. During Puri tour visit Jagannath temple, Gundicha temple, Sunar Gourang temple, Nedi hanuman temple, Lokanath temple, Sankaracharya temple. After visiting these places relax at the beach and stay overnight at Puri.

After Puri next day the tour resumes to Konark. During Konark tour visit the world famous Konark temple. On the way back to Puri from Konark visit the Beleswar temple, Ramachandi temple, Kapileswar temple, Kakatapur mangala temple. After reaching at Puri stay overnight at Puri.

Next day on the way back visit Brahmagiri, which is famous for Alarnath temple. Bali harchandi, Bata mangala temple are some temples on the way. Visitors can visit these temples. After Brahmagiri visit Taptapani the famous shakti peetha Tara Tarini and Bhagabati temple. After visiting these places back to Bhubaneswar and stay overnight and next day the visitors can leave Bhubaneswar. Apart from these other packages are provided by the travel operators. So the visitors can select accordingly.

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