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Odisha Textile tour

Do you want to plan a unique tour this year?  If your answer is yes,  then you can go for a trip with your friends or family to explore the textile industries of Odisha. Textile tour doesn’t mean visiting the places with advanced machinery but it comprises of the old fashioned handloom textile tour. So, you can definitely plan an Odisha Textile Tour this time if you want to learn something more about the history of the state. You can find enriching workmanship on every type of fabric manufactured in Odisha. This state is very well known for the textile weavers and workers who creating amazing fabrics.

Go to Olasing Textile Village

When you begin your vacations in Odisha  you can decide to go to the Olasing village which is located near the capital of  Orissa. Not only you can enjoy checking out textile manufacturing and designing but you can also watch the famous tiger mask dancing festival. You can also visit Nuapatna as it is the place where Ikat unique printing technique is done by arts-men. If you want to visit the silk production place, then you can go to Sonepur where you can find more information about it.

Sari Designs a new collection in Odisha

Whether you are fond of wearing sarees or not, the women who live around you might love to wear this attire. You can get the most amazing sarees with fantastic designs in Sambalpuri trip. If you want to see the life of wrappers and weavers, then you can go to the Alandhua village and Applique village. So, you can book for textile tour in Odisha whenever you want to see the manufacturing cycle of the various types of amazing fabrics in Odisha along with the life of the weavers and workers in this sector.

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