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Jagdalpur also known as the  headquarters of Bastar district is not only an important city but also one of the places one should not visit when they are doing a tour of Odisha and Chattisgarh. Beautiful waterfalls , magnificent landscape , culture of the tribes and the colorful weekly haats have been attracting tourists from a long time .


  • By Air : There are no flights to Jagdalpur and the nearest airport is at Raipur which is the capital city of Chattisgarh or at Vishakapatnam in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • By Train : It is well connected to the major cities like Raipur , Bilaspur , New Delhi and Vishakapatnam.
  • By Road :It is well connected by road to Odisha and other states.


Kanger Valley National Park : The name is derived from the Kanger river which flows through it.It was given the status of a national park in 1982 and animals like wolf ,sambhar , bear , leopards and even a tiger can be seen here. There are no wildlife safaris in the park till now . A variety of birds can be found in the park like the spotted owl, peacock , parrot , eagle and patridge . The state bird Bastar Myna from the family of hill Myna is also found here.

Park Timings : 8 am – 4 pm ( November to June )

Car Entry : 50 rupees

Ticket : 50 rupees ( indians ) & 150 rupees ( foreigners )

Kutumsar Caves : One can find beautiful formations of Stalactites and stalagmites here formed over thousands of years as a result of the action of rainwater on limestone. The entry points are very narrow and you would require a torch to go through these caves as it is very dark . We recommend to avoid Kutumsar caves on the weekends , when the queue at the entrance can take anywhere upto three hours .

Tirathgarh Falls : This is another popular weekend destination in Jagdalpur . Men and boys can be seen wading about in the shallow pools nearby. There is temple nearby with a priest where revellers pay obeisance , on a slightly higher ground there are the remains of an ancient shrine .

Chingitarai : A colorful “haat” or weekly market takes place every week at Chingitarai on the Sundays. There is also a small Shiva Temple near to it . A haat is a local market where the tribes come to barter goods . Weekly provisions are brought in exchange of cattle , vegetable , fruits and local brewery .Even if there is a ban on cock fights across many haats by the administrative authorities , you may find guys standing around in a wide semi arc with occasional shouts of cheer . Fights last from less than a minute to 5-10 minutes , the longer it lasted higher the money placed.The women stay away from the arena but can be found nearby vending mahua from large earthen pots and selling red ants ( considered to be a delicacy in Bastar ). The tribes call it Chapra and a small portion served in a bowl made of leaf costs about 30 rupees.


In the past any kind of transaction was as per the barter system and the wares were mostly forest produce like mahua , red ants , tendu leaves , vegetables , dried fish , meat , wild fruits and honey . The villagers assembled at an open ground on a particular day and exchanged commodities as per requirement .Gradually the inventory expanded to include basic household items like baskets , brooms , clay pots and ropes . Later Currency became a standard . Catering to demand , the haats began selling shoes ,jeans , jackets , skirts and saris . Then stalls dealing with jewellery also opened . Cock fights are always organized at the haats but a bit away in a secluded  region as it is banned by some of the authorities , close to it are also the local alcohol stalls with snacks like red ants . The list of haats in Bastar region is as given below :

  • Monday : Tokapal
  • Tuesday : Pakhnar
  • Wednesday : Darbha ( near Tirathgarh )
  • Thursday : Kodenar
  • Friday : Lohandiguda
  • Saturday : Mardum
  • Sunday : Chingitarai

Chitrakote Falls : The magnificent falls is along the Indravati River and is approximately 96ft. Most visitors stand along the rim of the falls and gaze down in genuine astonishment . Those who want a closer look head down a steep flight of steps to the riverbanks where traditional boats are in place and will take you on a tour . Across the waterfall there is a soft sand beach from where the rocky boulder protrude out into the water .Boating charges cost you 100 rupees an hour.

Chitrakote water falls

Bison Horn Maria Gonds : As we travel across villages in the Bastar district we come across the Maria Gond tribe. Known for their colorful dance adorning colorful costumes and head gears made of Bison Horns , The Marias have carefully preserved their culture and traditions from a long time . By profession they are mostly into  agriculture and grow crops like rice and millets in the whole year . The house are made of Stone slabs and it is said the slabs help in lowering the temperature  in hot and humid conditions . If you are interested to see the traditional dance , it can be arranged by consulting the village chief and other members . bison horn maria gond


The best place  recommended to stay in Jagdalpur is the Hotel Naman Bastar . Rooms would cost approximately 3500 rupees with breakfast only . This however is a fully vegetarian hotel and serves no alcohol or meat and poultry . If you are looking for budget accommodations and centrally located then there is the Rainbow hotel , rooms are offered at 1500-1800 rupees with breakfast.


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