Orissa Tour Package : Explore the Land of Scenic Coastal Beauty

Odisha or Orissa is the soul of incredible India, Orissa tribal tour package is designed in such a way that visitor feel the land of myriad marvels and famous for many historic places, many historic incidents. Not only that Orissa is also famous for many tribal Habitats which you can explore in Orissa Tour but also for Wildlife, the ethnic culture, the extraordinary cultural heritage and lifestyle practices. As a competent tour operator and Destination Management Company in India, Alternative Tours Pvt Ltd offers affordable Odisha tour package to explore the land of rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Our tour package is designed to help the travelers to explore and witness Odisha’s fascinating destinations.

On our well planned Odisha tour, you will get the opportunity to see the world famous historical monuments, experience the ethnicity, learn about the glory, culture and meet the ancient tribes. Our tour covers the renowned tourist spots in Odisha and offers every tourist or traveler an opportunity to enjoy shopping, trekking and exploring wild life. With us, you will enjoy a guided Odisha tour experience that will prove to be memorable, exciting and fun filled.

Orissa tribes tour package, you will cover Konark Sun Temple, Phulbani, Baliguda, Belghar, Rayagada, Jeypore, Kundli Tribal Market along with many more tribal places.

You will also come across many famous Tribes of Orissa like Didayis, Bondos, Kondhs and Koya to name of few as one can also Explore more Tribal Communities in Orissa.

Day 01: Bhubaneshwar

On your arrival at the Capital City-Bhubaneswar, the Odisha tour will start. We will provide a comfortable transportation to the hotel for relaxation and refreshments, after which the tour will start. Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha that is known for its value and heritage. During the tour, we will help you explore the historical and ancient monuments in this city.

During the second half of the day, you can visit the greatest tribal museum which is famous for its artifacts and handicrafts. Then the next stop will be the Jain caves which are also called as Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves. This place was the habitation of Jain and Buddhist monks which are sculpted in the big rocks.

You will enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 02: Keonjhar

The day 2 of your Odisha tour starts with a drive to Keonjhar, which is known as the pilgrimage center of Goddess Tarini and comprises of amazing scenic beauty.

On the way, you will get an opportunity to visit the tribal village of Santhal, which known to be the largest tribal community existing in India. The tribe in Odisha is well known for puppet making and puppet dance. In this tribal area, you will encounter a wide variety of puppets in this tribal area.

Your overnight stay will in Keonjhar.

Day 03: Dhenkanal

The early morning of the Odisha tour’s Day 3 will begin with a wonderful trip to visit Gonsika Juang habitat who lives in the hilly range of Keonjhar district. The Gonsika tribes in Keohjhar Odisha are skillful basket weavers and fondly known as the basket weaving society.

Then you will be driven to Dhenkanal which is famous for temple, monuments, and archaeology. This place in Odisha has many famous temples which are from ancient clans and have been attracting a lot of tourists.

Your overnight stay will be in Dhenkanal.

Day 04: Dhenkanal – Bhubaneshwar

The fourth day of your Odisha tour starts with the peace loving monastery called Joranda Monastery of the Sadhus of Mahima culture. Here you can see the monks or Sadhus wear orange clothes and their preaching have similarities to Buddhism. The rituals that are organized by the sadhus in the temples will be a treat to watch.

Your next destination would be to the textile village at Nuapatna. This village is famous for weavers whose clothing works are amazing and of high quality. On this tour, you will be able to witness the handlooms and tie and dye techniques of Nuapatna, which are world famous and loved by all. After this, we will head back to Bhubaneshwar and overnight stay.

Day 05: Bhubaneshwar – Pipli

The day 5 of your Odisha tour starts in a religious mode that will take you to visit the traditional temples of Bhubaneshwar. The Lingaraja temple of Lord Shiva which is said to be the oldest and most famous temple of Bhubaneshwar. You will fall in love with the temple’s beautiful structural monument and divine ambiance. After this, you will visit the Rajarani Temple and Mukteshwara deula, which are well known for their architectural designs and historical stories that you will get to hear from our guide. These temples have been neatly carved with great details.

Then we will drive you to Puri for visiting the world famous Jagannath temple, monuments,  pilgrimage sites and explore the scenic beach. On the way to Puri, you will be visiting Pipli which is famous for designing beautiful applique handicrafts that are neatly designed by the artisans.

You will enjoy an overnight stay in Puri.

Day 06: Puri

The beautiful morning of your Odisha tour’s day 6 will begin in Puri with the visit to the famous Grand road of Puri and the famous Jagannath temple, which is the famous temple of Hindu Clans and is said to be the most beautiful temple which attracts the worshippers of Krishna and Vishnu. Later you will enjoy a drive to Konark the famous Sun temple which is considered as the UNESCO world heritage site. The Konark Sun Temple is an oldest and most beautiful temple which was once used to depict the time through the sun rays that falls on this temple. In the evening, you will be allowed to visit Puri Beach. The Puri beach offers a lot of things to do like the sand art displays, local sand artists and much more.

Enjoy an overnight stay at a hotel in Puri.

Day 07 & 08: Pushangia

On the day seven of the Odisha tour, we will take you on a long drive to Pushangia. This place is the home of the tattoo faced Kondha village who is one of the ethnic groups of Orissa and are famous for their cultural, irrigation and plantation. The Pushangia has beautiful scenic beauty, where you will be allowed to interact with the tribes.

Here you will enjoy an overnight stay at the pyramid shaped camps in Pushangia cottage that is made of bricks.

The Day 8 of the Odisha tour will continue in the tattoo faced kondha village where you can learn the ethnicity and traditional practices of the villagers. Here, you will be allowed to interact with the tribes and engage yourself in friendly interaction to know about the history of the village and the stories relating to the tribes. At this place, you can witness the handicrafts, arts and the other things, for which the tribes are famous.

Enjoy an overnight stay in the pyramid shaped camp of Pushangia.

Day 09: Rayagada

The day 9 of the Odisha tour, you will enjoy a long drive to Rayagada to meet the Desia Kondh tribes who are mainly recognized for their ample of body piercings specifically ears. These tribes are known for making exquisite handicrafts and arts. They are also engaged in the commercial crops which are in high demand. Here, you will get a chance to interact with the tribe and learn their exclusive art of living.

The overnight night stay will be at a hotel in Rayagada.

Day 10 and Day 11: Jeypore

The day 10 of the Odisha tour starts with a scenic drive to Chattikona. Here, you can witness a Weekly market which is organized by the Dongariya Kondhas. The Dongariya Kondhas are the Dravidian tribes of Orissa. The colorful market is known for the traditionally made goods available for sale. The local tribes come all the way from the hills to sell their handmade products. After having the lunch here, you will be traveling to Jeypore town. This is the most renowned town of Odisha and is rich in vegetation, waterfalls and cultural heritage.

Enjoy an overnight stay in Jeypore.

On the day 11 of the Odisha tour, the Onkudelli market will be your first destination in the morning. This place is very famous and culturally rich. This market is organized by the Bonda tribes who are recognized by the thick silver neck bands the women wear. To this market, the Bondas come down from the hills to sell the products like wares that includes homemade alcohol, perfumes and other things that are used in our day-to-day lifestyle. Later in the day, we will visit the markets of the Gond tribe, famous for its tribal ethnicity.

The overnight stay will be at a camp site in Peta or hotel in Jeypore.

Day 12: Jeypore

The 12th day will constitute of a walk and interaction with the Paraja and Bhumia Gond village tribes. These tribes are rich in culture and ethnicity which can be a lot of learning for the tourists.

Day 13: Vizag

Your Odisha tour will end in the beautiful culturally rich city- Vizag where you will be catching a flight back home.

  • Be well informed about the places that you will be visiting and about the tour packages.
  • Ensure that you carry your passport, Visa and Photo ID cards on the tour.
  • Learn about the temples of Orissa and its special features so that you don’t miss anything that could be treat to your eyes.
  • Learn all the route maps and transportation access well so that you are well informed if there is any emergency.
  • Learn about the vegetation and the diseases causing insects and the remedial measures
  • Photography is prohibited in most of the tribal places to protect their culture and practices. However, you will have to take the necessary permits to use the camera. In some places camera fees are charged.
  • Make sure to wear clothes as per the climate so that you will protect yourself from the weather changes.
  • Try to learn basics of the tribal language that includes greetings and thank you so that you can interact well with them.
  • Most of the hotels in tribal areas are basic, recommended not use credit cards always
  • If you are a foreign visitor then learn about the Indian currency as that is the only mode of transaction in the place.
  • It’s advisable to take a travel insurance as you will be traveling and exploring the isolated places.

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