Trekking in Bhutan : A trek in the Last Shangrila

Trekking in Bhutan offers immense opportunities to feel the hospitality of the Bhutanese. You get to witness the stunning mountainous beauty of the region along with the exquisite heritage of the land. The majority of the Bhutanese land is forest area. When you trek through these areas, you will witness unique plant species which are not easily visible in other parts of the world. The treks we conduct range from the simple walks through the terraced land and the pleasant villages which are very soothing in nature to the most tasking ones through coverage of high altitudes. You can choose the one according to your liking and physical abilities.

The trekking is organized through camping in between. All along the trekking trail, you will not find any hotel or lodge to stay. The camps are set up at places where you get enough drinking water, and you can set up your tents. Your horses can also feed on the meadows nearby. Porters do not accompany you, so you need to travel light with only certain designated items. The heavier ones are carried by the ponies. You will find the treks extremely attractive due to the mind blowing natural sights it has to offer.

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There are many treks we offer. But as a beginner, we suggest you the itinerary of the most popular trek – Druk Path Trek. The trail of the trek is exquisitely beautiful. It comprises of the forests of pine trees, hill peaks and by the crystal clear lakes. You can also visit some of the old villages and witness the culture there.

Day 1st: Paro To Jili Dzong

7 km has to be traveled in 4 to 5 hrs. Altitude of 1090 m has to be traversed.

Day 2nd: Jili Dzong toJ angchulakha

10 km has to be traveled in 4 to 5 hrs. Climbing of 310 m and descent of 50 m to be covered. Large forest area is to be covered.

Day 3rd: Jangchulakha to Jimgelang Tsho

11 km has to be traveled in 4 hrs. Climbing of 230 m and descent of 330 m to be covered. Will get absolutely stunning mountain views.

Day 4th: Jimgelang Tsho to Simkotra Tsho

11 km has to be traveled in 4 hrs. Climbing of 820 m and descent of 400 m to be covered. You will be trekking through the forest beside the Janetso Lake.

Day 5th: Simkotra Tsho to Phajoding

10 km has to be traveled in 3 to 4 hrs. Climbing of 130 m and descent of 680 m to be covered. If you get a clear weather you can have stunning views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum, the highest peak in Bhutan.

Day 6th: Phajodhing to Mothitang

4 to 5 km has to be traveled in 3 hrs. Climbing down of 1310 m to be covered. You have to pass by the Phadjoding monastery and move downwards to Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. You will have a pleasant walk through beautiful pine forests.

Druk Path Completion: The trek comes to an end near the Bhutan Telecommunication Tower. From here, you can get a spectacular view of the city.

When to go: The best seasons for trekking are spring and autumn. This is the time when most of the tourists are coming for the trek. You will also see other fellow trekkers in different camps next to yours.What do we provide you during the trek? : You will get a sleeping tent in which 2 persons can sleep. You will also get separate tents for dining, kitchen and toilet purposes. Sleeping bags are not provided by us.

Staff during trekking: You will be accompanied by a trekking guide, other assistants, cook and the horsemen will be there. Our cooks can cook in any condition and can prepare Indian, Bhutanese, and Chinese menus.

Food during trekking: There is no need for you to carry extra food items during the trek. We will provide all necessary food. You can only take some chocolate with you if you feel like.

Required level of fitness: Your fitness level should be adequate as you have to walk considerable distances during trekking. Also, there are elevations to be covered and descents. You should not have any knee joint or bone problem for undertaking the trekking activities.

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