A Tour to Orissa and Chhattisgarh – A traditional affair of the culture and kind

Orissa is one of the major tourism destinations in India with many tourist attractions, ranging from wildlife and bird sanctuaries, exotic cultures, exquisite temples and extraordinary monuments, beaches, a home to artists and craftsmen, the natural beauty and friendly people. The land of East Indian State, Orissa welcomes you to a relishing holiday and one will choose to come back again and again! Have a wonderful and superb tour experience Orissa and Chhattisgarh Tour.

Soak Your Spirits And Explore Vibrant Orissa With Alternative Tours

With stretches of serene beaches, exotic wildlife, exquisite architectures, as well as a vibrant life, Orissa is inevitably the paradise for avid travelers. From the picturesque locales to the beautiful temples, the land of Orissa spells culture with a Capital C. With historically rich destinations and indigenous cultural traditions, Orissa happens to be a kaleidoscope of the quintessential Indian tradition. Therefore, a place as vibrant as this Indian state will inevitably be the best choice for your tour. Your tour experience can reach to unsurpassed heights if you have the right partner by your side. With the most attractive tour itineraries, we at Alternative Tours will take you on a heart-warming voyage across Orissa. By offering comprehensive tour programs, we will make sure that you don’t miss any of the revered sites in the place. Have a look at our 13-day Orissa tour program and plan your trips with us.



Day 1: Arrive at Bhubaneswar

Our efficient tour professionals will receive you from the Bhubaneswar Airport. After refreshments at the hotel, we will take you to most revered temples of the area including Rajarani, Brahmeswar & Lingaraj (the biggest temple of the place), Parsurameswar as well as Mukteswar.

Day 2: Bhubaneswar – Pipli – Puri

Orissa is the breeding ground for the Sambalpuri folk art designs. The state also patronizes quite a few highly skilled craftsmen and their work. Therefore, your Orissa tour will be incomplete without a visit to these places. After an overnight stay at Bhubaneswar, we will take you to Pipli, which is famous for its art activities. The journey to Puri will commence from there.

Day 3: Puri – Konark – Raghurajpur – Puri

Jagannath temple happens to be one of the famous destinations of the place. At Alternative Tours, we will plan a visit to the temple, and then take you to Sun Temple from there. While returning to Puri, you will get to visit Raghurajpur along with Chandrabhaga beach and Ramchandi Temple.

Day 4: Puri – Chilika Lake – Gopalpur on Sea

How about enjoying the exciting boat cruises in Chilika? We will also plan a visit to the Nalabana islands and take you to the exotic Gopalpur on sea.

Day 5: Gopalpur on Sea – Taptapani – Rayagada

An enthralling tour experience with visits to hot spring Taptapani, as well as Rayagada.

Day 6: Rayagada – Chatikona – Jeypore.

Orissa is a land of rich tribal culture. Especially, Chatikona houses the vibrant Dongriya Kondh tribe. A trip to this place will give you the opportunity of shopping to your heart’s content. The tour plan for the 6th day will end with Minipai followed by Jeypore.

Day 7: Jeypore –Onkudelli– Jeypore

Your 7th day will begin with a visit to the scenic Onkudelli, where the Bonda tribes will be waiting to welcome you with open arms. You will simply love to see the sight of Bonda women dressed in their colorful attires and jewelry.

Day 8: Jeypore – Kunduli – Jagdalpur

Your chance to experience an enriching drive to Kunduli; where members of the Paraja tribes will offer a warm welcome. Day 8 will end with a visit to Korapute and Jagannath Temple followed by a drive to Jagdalpur.

Day 9: Jagdalpur

Your Orissa tour will remain incomplete without paying visits to several destinations of Jagdalpur. Kanger Valley National Park, Chitrakut Waterfalls as well as the unique market of Muria and Maria tribes, are some of the exquisite places worth visiting in Jagdalpur.

Day 10: Jagdalpur – Kondagaon – Kanker

Gape at the beautiful rot-iron craft works in Kondagaon and get prepared for a visit to Narayanpur. Witness the classic cockfights and proceed towards Kanker.

Day 11: Kanker – Kawardha

Soak your spirits in the mystic Kanker and take a step forward to the famous Kawardha. A visit to the stunning Bhoramdeo Temple will be the best way to end Day-11.

Day 12: Kawardha

At Kawardha, you will come across another indigenous tribe known as Baiga. The welcoming, friendly and hospitable Baiga people will prove to be the best hosts for you.

Day 13: Kawardha – Raipur Departures

Alternative Tours will bring this memorable affair to an end with Raipur. From there, we will offer you transfers to the airport for your return. With such utterly amazing and exciting tour itineraries, we at Alternative Tours will inevitably prove to be your worthy Orissa-tour partners.

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  • You have to make sure that you carry your passport, Visa and Photo ID cards on the tour
  • Know about the route maps or carry one along and also learn about the transport facilities available so that these things might come in handy. Learn about the vegetation and the diseases causing insects and the remedial measures.
  • Respect the tribal people’s sentiments and culture.
  • Photography is permitted in tribal areas, however we ask our guests to take permission of the people before they start clicking pictures.
  • Make sure to wear clothes as per the climate so that you will protect yourself from the weather changes.
  • Learn some words of greetings, thank you and others in the tribal language that could help you in the interaction.
  • Special permissions are required to enter the village, make sure that you have the necessary permits.
  • If you are a foreign visitor then learn about the Indian currency as that is the only mode of transaction in the place.
  • It’s advisable to take a travel insurance as you will be traveling and exploring the isolated places.
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