North Odisha Tribal Tour – Explore Beautiful Tribes of North Odisha

Orissa is an amazing land known for its ethnicity and cultural heritage. If you are looking to interact with the traditional culture, practices and the people then there is no other better place than Orissa to travel and spend your vacation. Orissa is called as the homeland of tribes, there are 62 types of tribes which constitutes 29% of its population. With this you can clearly know that Orissa is one land that is rich in culture as well as modernization of thoughts of practices.

The Orissa tribal tour includes the traveling to these little villages, interacting with their people and getting to know about their practices. The tour includes visiting weekly markets, fun fairs, trekking, hiking and many other adventures packed in one. The tour consists of spectacular view points, scenic beauty and the adorable habitation that would make you feel every day of the tour worthwhile. It is a lifetime experience that includes a lot of learning and knowledge sharing.

Day 1: Bhubaneswar

Arrival at Bhubaneswar. Full day city tour. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 2: Keonjhar

Drive to Pallahara territory of Parudi Bhuinya. Overnight at Keonjhar.

Day 3: Keonjhar

Morning excursion to Gonsika village, visit juang tribe villages return back to Keonjhar. Overnight at Keonjhar

Day 4: Jashipur

Morning drive to Birhor villages near Jashipur. Overnight at Jashipur.

Day 5: Sambalpur

Drive from Jashipur to Sambalpur, stop at Hinduistic villages.  Overnight at Sambalpur.

Day 6: Baliguda

Drive from Sambalpur to Baliguda, Enroute textile villages . Overnight at Pushangia eco resort in our own eco camp which is inside the kondh villages.

Day 7: Kondh villages

Full trek to visit some non touristic tattoo faced kondh villages which are close to the eco camp. Overnight Pushangia eco resort.

Day 8: Rayagada

Drive from Bataguda to rayagada, visit village of kutia kondhs – later visit kotagarh weekly market on Tuesdays, craft village of Jhigdi – drive further to Rayagada. Overnight at Rayagada,

Day 9: Chattikona weekly market

Early morning visit Chattikona weekly market of Dongoriya and Desia kondhs which is on Wednesdays. later drive to Jeypore en route Minapai village. Overnight at Jeypore.

Day 10: Onkudelli weekly market of Bondas

Morning drive to Onkudelli weekly market of Bondas and Gadabbas on Thursdays. Later drive to Peta to visit Rana and Paroja villages. Overnight at Peta camp in our own camp site in small tents, food served by Rana tribal family.

Day 11: Bada gadaba villages

Full day trek to bada gadaba villages. Overnight in Peta camp.

Day 12: Paraja villages

Morning trek to Paraja villages, afternoon visit Lamataput weekly market of paroja, gadabba and rana tribe. Overnight at Peta camp.

Day 13: Gupteswar

Drive to gupteswar , full day trek to Dharuba gond villages , morning trek sorispadar, talur, chilipadar, kenduguda, siribeda. Lunch with dharuba gond family. Later walk through the river side to Gupteshwar caves and return back to Jeypore. Overnight at jeypore.

Day 14: Rayagada

Monday drive to Rayagada en route visit Jagganath temple and tribal museum at Koraput, Limcaguda pottery makers village, Lendriguda, later visit Kakirguma weekly market of Paroja tribe. Overnight at Rayagada.

Day 15: Taptapani

Morning drive to Puttasingh hills to visit Lanjia Saura villages , and see shamanistic rituals in the village and the also visit the tibetan monastery at Jirang. Overnight at Taptapani ( possible to have a hot sulphuric bath from the springs )

Day 16: Chilika lake

Drive to Mangalajodi back waters of Chilika lake to see migratory birds. Boating in canoes. later drive to Puri en route hindu brahminical villages , Raghurajpur heritage village . evening visit Swargdwaar cremation ground of the hindus and take a walk in the beach local market. Overnight Puri.

Day 17: Konark

Early morning visit the fisherman villages ( Nauliyas ). Later drive to Konark to see the majestic sun temple also known as black pagoda. Drive to Bhubaneswar to catch flight.

Day 18: Departure

Day 18: Departure

  • Tribal Festivals that you might encounter: Visiting the tribes, you will come across many festivals that the tribes celebrate that compiles their cultural art, dance, markets and practices that are unique and wonderful.
  • Tribal Fair at Bhubaneshwar
  • Chow Festival at Baripada
  • Folk Dance Festival at Sambalpur
  • Tribal Festival at Koraput
  • Puri Beach Festival.
  • Make sure that you carry your passport, Visa and Photo ID cards on the tour.
  • Try to learn about the route maps and transportation access well so that you are well informed if there is any emergency.
  • Learn about the vegetation, eco system, insects and the diseases that might affect your health and also learn about the precautions and the remedial measures.
  • Photography is permitted in tribal areas , however we recommend that you take permission of the people before you start clicking pictures.
  • Make sure to wear clothes as per the climate so that you will protect yourself from the weather changes. The clothes should be in darker colors so that it doesn’t attract the animals.
  • Try to learn basics of the tribal language that includes greetings and thank you so that you can interact well with them.
  • If you are a foreign visitor then learn about the Indian currency as that is the only mode of transaction in the place.
  • It’s advisable to take a travel insurance as you will be traveling and exploring the isolated places.
  • Be well prepared and gain the needed knowledge of the tribal tour.
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