Joranda Mela

The annual Joranda Mela is held at the famous Joranda Monastery also known as the “Joranda Gadi “.

The festival is also popularly known as the “Magha Mela” / “Sadhu Festival” / “Festival of Monks” .

What is Joranda Mela / Magha Mela Known For?

In Odisha, Magha Purnima is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm, particularly by the people of the coastal regions. The festival is known as “Magha Mela” or “Magha Saptami” in the state. Here’s how Magha Purnima is celebrated in Odisha:

  1. Pilgrimage to Konark Sun Temple: One of the significant rituals associated with Magha Purnima in Odisha is the pilgrimage to the famous Konark Sun Temple. Devotees from various parts of the state and neighboring regions visit the temple to offer prayers and seek blessings on this auspicious day.
  2. Magha Mela at Chandrabhaga Beach: Chandrabhaga Beach near Konark is the focal point of Magha Purnima celebrations in Odisha. A large fair known as “Magha Mela” is organized at the beach, attracting thousands of devotees and tourists. People take holy dips in the Chandrabhaga River, which is considered highly auspicious on this day.
  3. Ritual Bathing: Devotees wake up early in the morning and take ritual baths in rivers, ponds, or sea beaches. It is believed that bathing on Magha Purnima cleanses one of sins and bestows blessings for good health and prosperity.
  4. Offerings and Prayers: Special prayers and rituals are performed at home and in temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Devotees offer flowers, fruits, incense, and sweets to the deity and seek divine blessings.
  5. Charitable Acts: Magha Purnima is also a time for charity and helping the less fortunate. Devotees often engage in acts of charity such as feeding the poor, donating clothes, and providing assistance to those in need.
  6. Cultural Programs and Festivities: Cultural programs, folk dances, and music performances are organized as part of the Magha Mela festivities. Traditional Odia delicacies are prepared and shared among family and friends.

Overall, Magha Purnima in Odisha is a time for spiritual rejuvenation, communal harmony, and festive celebrations, where people come together to seek blessings and enjoy the cultural richness of the region.

This Hindu festival is held on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar on Magha Purnima which normally occurs in January or February.

The festival draws a large number of pilgrims from all across India and these pilgrims turn up in large numbers to worship the supreme Mahima Gosain’s shrine .

The main shrines in the Mahima Gadi are the Sunya mandir , Dhuni mandir , Gadi Mandir and Akhanda Bati mandir . There is no idol worship inside these temples ever.

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The main activities during the festival are the creation of a Yagya in which thousands of litres of butter or ghee is burnt , and later in the evening the lighting of the biggest lamp known as “Akhanda dhuni” by one of the senior saints of the monastery. Thousands of pilgrims from all over India arrive at the Monastery during this period and chant “Mahima Alekha” which can be heard in all parts of the Monastery. In this period its a chance for the pilgrims to meet their spiritual leaders at their housing complex inside the monastery and serve them better. Pilgrims prepare daily meals for the saints and their gurus and wish for the welfare for humanity , spreading love and kindness in the name of the supreme leader Mahima Gosain.

Joranda mela tour odisha

Joranda mela tour of india

Day 1: Bhubaneswar - Dhenkanal

Arrival at Bhubaneswar – Meet and assistance at Airport – transfer to Dhenkanal- Evening visit Joranda Monastery to witness the festival at Dhuni Mandir – Witness lighting of the biggest lamp in the evening also known as the  “Akhanda Deepa” . Visit monastery complex to meet various monks and their disciples. Overnight at Dhenkanal Palace

Day 2: Dhenkanal - Joranda Mela - Dhenkanal

After breakfast we proceed to visit interesting places surrounding Dhenkanal . First we shall visit the famous Ikat weaving textile village at Nuapatna. Demonstration of traditional looms and meet with weavers in their workshops. Later we shall proceed to visit Sadeibareni village , where villagers practise the traditional art of making Dhokra , a handicraft made by using the lost wax technique. Later we shall again visit the Joranda Monastery complex to see some of the important rituals in the Dhuni Mandir. Overnight at Palace

Day 3: Dhenkanal - Bhubaneswar

After breakfast drive back to Bhubaneswar also known as the temple city . Check into hotel – Later proceed for half day city tour of Bhubaneswar which includes visit to the Jain caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri – State tribal museum and finally visit Kala Bhoomi , museum of art and crafts . Overnight at Hotel in Bhubaneswar.

Day 4: Bhubaneswar - Puri

Bhubaneswar also known as the Temple city of India is dotted with more than 1000 temples old and new . Today we shall visit the ancient temples of Parshurameswar , Mukteshwar , Lingaraj , Rajarani , Vaital etc – Later we shall drive to Puri , on the way we stop by at Dhauli Peace pagoda and the yogini temple at Hirapur. Overnight at Hotel in Puri.

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