Bhitarkanika Tour – An amazing Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa

Bhitarkanika National Park is an amazing wildlife sanctuary that is situated in east of Baitarani which is the north eastern region of Kendrapura district of Orissa. Bhitarkanika is considered to be one of the most precious wildlife sanctuary of Asia because of its serenity and different varieties of species that are widely available. The national park has rich vegetation, mangroves, lush greenery and well balanced eco-system which constitutes of many wild plants and animals. Thus, it is considered to be the most famous tourist destination in Orissa.

Visitors can avail tourist packages that are available four days trip to Bhitarkanika national park. The tour packages are available in the affordable prices with all the amenities and facilities that includes night stay in the resorts, transportation, sight-seeing, guides, breakfast, lunch, dinner and other facilities that would make an amazing Bhitarkanika tour package. The tour also includes visiting many places in and around the wildlife sanctuary that will include the 4-days amazing tour.

Day 1: Jayanagar Khola to Jungle resort

On the day 1, you will be arriving at Jayanagar Jetty to board the boat to Khola-Jungle resort, an amazing resort amidst the thick vegetation and wildlife. The stay here is going to be comfortable and amazing. After the good lunch in the resort, you will be taking a cruise to Kalibhanja Diha, Dhamara Port and Dhamarai temple. After the visit, you will be lead back to the Khola-Jungle resort for dinner and night stay.

Day 2: Ekakula

On Day 2 you will be boarding an early morning boat to Ekakula, a spectacular beach that is the part of Bay of Bengal. It is said that the Olive turtles are found here laying eggs. On the way you have a pleasant view of islands and villages that makes a perfect scenic beauty. The breakfast and lunch will be packed on the way and served on time by the travel guides. In the evening, you will be taking a ride back to the Khola-Jungle resort for an overnight stay and dinner.

Day 3: Bhitarkanika

On the day 3, the journey will start from the wildlife sanctuary of Bhitarkanika. The visit will continue after the breakfast towards the different crocodile spots, bird sanctuaries and trekking towards the “hunting tower of ancient king”. The journey will halt for a lunch break and continued to the crocodile breeding center and the Museum. After the amazing visit to the wildlife park, you will be heading towards the Jungle resort for the dinner and stay.

Day 4: Khola-Jungle resort to Jayanagar Jetty

On day 4 the journey ends by travelling back to the Jayanagar jetty from the Khola Jungle resort. The breakfast will be served after reaching Jayanagar Jetty and the journey will proceed.

Some of Do’s and Don’ts in Bhitarkanika national park:

Make sure that you use a licensed boat for ride to the national park, Always take a permit pass or ticket before entering into the national park.


  • Always respect the park and park dignitaries.
  • It’s advisable to be dressed-up in dark colors that go good with the nature color.
  • If you are travelling in the sanctuary in the night, use a torch light.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations set by the park authorities.
  • Maintain cleanliness and silence while travelling in the sanctuary.


  • Avoid using any local boats that do not have license, it might be risky Do not litter the park or harm the park premises in any other ways
  • Do not venture out in the woods in the night without permission.
  • Do not use any high decibel musical instruments or sound system
  • Eatables from outside are not allowed inside the park.
  • Avoid going near the streams and rivers without proper guidance
  • Do not carry any explosives, fire crackers or alarms.
  • Maintain the vicinity of the park and do not pluck or remove anything from the park.
  • Do not roam in wild without the park authorities or vehicles.
  • Don’t feed any animals or birds.

Park entry/reservation fees

Indian nationals: 20 INR per head/day (If the group has 10 packs and more) Non-Indian nationals: 1000 INR per head/day Camera Charges: 25 INR /camera Video Camera: 500 INR / camera Make sure that you carry your photo ID card while you book your tickets.

Time of Visit

*Check out time 9 am and Check-in time 11 AM The best time to visit the park in the year is in the month of September, October and November because during these months the weather will be pleasant and perfect to enjoy each moment. You can also visit during March, April, may when the weather will be moderately hot and during the December it will be moderately cold. Thus, the weather is not extreme that we avoid any day of the year except the rainy seasons. The park during May 1st to July 31st will remain closed because of the nesting and breeding period of animals and birds. Thus, there will be no tour organised on these days.

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