Golden Triangle Tour of Orissa – Experience the best of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark

Orissa is one of the major tourism destinations in India with many tourist attractions, ranging from wildlife and bird sanctuaries, exotic cultures, exquisite temples and extraordinary monuments, beaches, a home to artists and craftsmen, the natural beauty and friendly people. Golden triangle tour in Orissa ensures you get to see the best of Bhubaneswar, puri and konark.

Set On A Voyage With Golden Triangle Tour Of Orissa

When was the last time you visited a place that completely swept you off your feet? Well, if you are still without such experiences, it is high-time to plan your tour to the splendid land of Orissa. With scenic beaches, serene locales, spectacular monuments and effervescent life, this destination happen to be the first-choice for potential tourists and travelers. Although Orissa is dotted with numerous enthralling destinations, there are certain landmarks that you simply cannot miss visiting.

With this aspect in mind, we at Alternative Tours offer you an exciting trip across these highly revered destinations of Orissa. Our Golden Triangle Tour of Orissa encompasses the incredible Bhubaneswar, Konark, Dhauli, Pipli, Hirapur, Raghurajpur, and Satapada. If you wish for an enthralling tour experience to all these unique destinations, wait no longer and associate with us now!

Our Golden Triangle Tour of Odisha package is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive at Bhubaneshwar

After your arrival at Bhubaneswar, our highly efficient tour coordinators will take you to the hotel. After few hours of repose, we will take you the tribal Udaigiri and Khandagiri Jain caves. These rock-caves will inevitably take you back in time, where you will witness the historical remains of the ancient times.

Day 2: Bhubaneshwar - Dhauli - Hirapur - Pipli - Puri

As one of the prime centers of Odisha’s tourist activities, Bhubaneswar offers a wealth of options for every traveler. Especially, the exquisite architectures in Odisha’s temples bear witness to the architectural excellence of Kalinga. Enjoy a completely unsurpassed travel experience across all the famous temples including Mukteswar, Parsurameswar, and Lingaraj. After visiting these temples, we will proceed towards the Nandankanan Zoo. Enjoy to your fullest at the lush green Botanical garden as well as tiger safari.

And your travel tale does not end here. We will also take you to Dhauli, situated at a distance of 8 kilometers, in the south of Bhubaneswar. The region is a repository of Ashokan architectural relics and offers glimpses of the Mauryan times.

Another destination in this itinerary is that of Pipli. With the indigenous artworks of Orissa, this village reflects the mastery of Orissa’s artisans. Your 2nd day tour will end with a visit to Hirapur followed by Puri.

Day 3: Puri - Konark - Raghurajpur - Puri

On day 3, we will commence the journey from the scenic beaches of Puri, and take you to the Sun Temple. The tour will also include Raghurajpur, which is a pivotal spot of tourist interest in Orissa. After visiting these destinations, it will be time for a relaxing session at the Puri beach. Additionally, day-3 will also include a visit to the famous Jagannath Temple of Orissa.

Day 4: Puri - Satapada - Bhubaneswar

Located 50 kilometers away from Puri, the Satpada region is a union of seven villages. Moreover, its proximity to the Chilika Lake is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. You can immerse your senses in the ethereal beauty of the place or catch a glimpse of the Irrawaddy dolphins.

With such spectacular tour programs, our Golden Triangle Tour of Orissa package will offer you an unparalleled travel experience.

  • You have to make sure that you carry your passport, Visa and Photo ID cards on the tour
  • Know about the route maps or carry one along and also learn about the transport facilities available so that these things might come in handy. Learn about the vegetation and the diseases causing insects and the remedial measures.
  • Respect the tribal people’s sentiments and culture.
  • Wear life jackets when boating inside the lake.
  • Make sure to wear clothes as per the climate so that you will protect yourself from the weather changes.
  • Do not litter the lake or the islands.

Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temples in Puri , you can see the temple from the old library roof top.

  • If you are a foreign visitor then learn about the Indian currency as that is the only mode of transaction in the place.
  • It’s advisable to take a travel insurance as you will be travelling and exploring the isolated places.
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